The company’s fundamental pursuit and aim is to provide services in supply chain philosophy of one stop shop. In this way, we carry and distribute our customers’ goods, with the optimal combination of cost – time – reliability, by road or other means of transport, not only to the big and demanding market of the European Union but also to other areas.

Transport – Dry Cargo Operations

Forwarding and transportation by road (full or partial loads). Regular departures from and to: Germany (full or partial loads), Belgium – Netherlands (full or partial loads), Italy (full or partial loads), England (only full loads), Spain (only full loads).

Refrigerated Transport

During the last years, the company, in the context of growing development, has started to provide solutions in the area of refrigerated transport (maintenance or freezing), and specifically to the following countries: Germany – weekly (full and groupage loads) – Netherlands & Belgium (full and groupage loads) – Spain (full loads) – Italy (partially) and France.

Distribution – Logistics

Picking of cargoes in rented warehouses in Eleusis and distribution to final recipients to Athens and throughout Greece,via a network of cooperating agencies. Warehouse facilities in Eleusis, Aspropyrgos and Livadeia.

Contract Logistics

The company undertakes and implements specific projects annually, to an agreed price per pallet, per cubic meter, per load, or whatever unit of measurement is indicated by its customers. A key advantage of our international experience is that the customer is benefited by standard services and a given agreed price,during the whole project.Thus,the customer focuses on the final price of his product, which remains stable, with only minor effects from price fluctuations of the supply chain.

Freight Management

During the last ten years we are glad to transfer loads within the European Union, and from and to countries, apart from Greece, covering an extensive cargo network. For example, we weekly transfer loads from Italy to France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and other inter-European transports, by providing guaranteed solutions to our customers and transport companies that have or look for loads and work, within the E.U., regardless of destination!

Support Services

In recent years, the company provides, multiple support services, such as insurance of goods, partial cover of damage or full cover clause A, to dry or temperature controlled cargoes. Moreover, we provide services related to the routing of trucks, such as reservations on trains (train booking – in collaboration with Okombi-Austria) or car ferries (ferry booking – in collaboration with all the shipping companies of the line Greece-Italy),and the most key lines within the European Union, currently is being paid attention to directly collaborative companies’ vehicles.

Sea Container Services

Lately, the company provides solutions in maritime transport, mainly with container services. This is succeeded through collaboration with shipping companies as from Greece as from Germany. Thus, we fulfill our fundamental principal to provide solutions with as many ways as possible in the supply chain. Initially we cover E.U. countries!